We’re matchmakers for influencers and brands.

Virtutis is the evolution of a digital marketing consulting company who had to evolve alongside the market.

Many of our clients were e-commerce brands who needed traffic to their website. They were struggling to make content on a regular basis. They wanted things like Facebook ads but keeping up with that also seemed to prove difficult to execute.

A lot of our clients were people too, entrepreneurs and personal brand. People who were moving up and also creating a social presence.

Over the last 3 years social media really started to evolve and mature as user numbers grew. 1.6 billion on Facebook. 600 million on Instagram. 300 million on snapchat. 

All of a sudden building brand through social media made a lot more sense based on the engagement levels. The targeting was the big thing too.

We were helping brands attack social media especially through paid and sponsored content. We were also helping the personal brands develop into stronger influencers through strategy.

Suddenly we realized we were in the business of influencer marketing.

The world has changed. Now the number of likes you get really does means something. But it’s not the likes themselves, it’s the engagement that they represents.

It’s no longer passive. It’s a 2-way conversation.

Those who can push content through multiple channels and platforms will be able to grow and gain presence.

The returns will be engaged listeners and followers who will make decisions based on the amount of trust you have built with them.

What’s beautiful about this business is that most influencers especially in our network are just really passionate people who love to share with the world their joy.

We’re just a group who love social media and networking – we celebrate social.

What comes with being social is the development of a really great network of people who want to help each other reach higher goals.

Virtutis (virtue in latin) our company name comes from our mission to build a network built on integrity and great relationships.

If you would like to start a relationship with Virtutis do not hesitate to reach out, application forms for influencers are here, brands go here, and you can always just email direct.

Thanks for your interest in our company. We’re here to serve.


Richard Uyesugi, CEO

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