Why I Built Virtutis.io and What I believe in

A Quick Background Check

My name is Lake, I'm the founder of this website, I've been selling online since 2001. I've built hundreds of websites, created libraries of content and as the industry has matured I've focused on brand-quality digital sales funnels selling products of every kind.

I've created high ranked niche blogs, I've run multi-channel marketing funnels, I've spent money advertising on Facebook, Youtube, Google, Instagram, and others. I've developed advanced email marketing methods that aren't spammy and bring immense values to customers. It's 15 years of market observation, testing and optimizing.

I created Virtutis as a training hub and community for other online business builders. I started out as a consultant helping people 1-on-1 but I wanted to offer more to people everywhere.


The Goal is Freedom

I am a strong advocate of freedom – a life lived fully. I don't want people to work their lives away. I believe that starting an online business is the fastest way to build more freedom in your life. Time is our greatest and only real asset.

For me Virtutis is a blueprint for up and coming entrepreneurs. A freedom formula.

So below you will find a very detailed framework and system to start, operate and grow an online business.

There's no catch. This single website should give you enough resources to begin your online business building journey. That is my goal. That the words on this page will arm you with enough knowledge to build real digital assets that allow you to slowly pull away from your 9-5 lifestyle.


This is a recipe for escaping something you don't like

Let me say this now. There is absolutely wrong with the 9-5! I love the 9-5. I just love being in complete control of my income and career path ever more. I provide this material for those who feel there is something missing from their life. For those who perhaps are not happy with their place of work but feel stuck. If you are happy with your 9-5 lifestyle then there is no need to change and the truth is you may not even be motivated enough to actually undertake a project like this.

Building an online business is no overnight task. Although I think anyone can do it, it will need nurturing like anything that takes time to grow. You must tend to it often and not get to impatient.

I think people should know that even though an online business can give you a ton of freedom, you may still end up spending a lot of time in your business. You won't necessary have a 4-hour work week. In fact the opposite may be true.

But I'll tell you the important difference, the hours you put it will be much more aligned with who you are and what you desire to achieve.

You get to decide what your business goals are. You get to decide how many hours you'll put in

For me it's a lifestyle.

I love what I do and the products I create. I have no problem working on it 16 hours a day. Of course I take breaks, I rest and have some leisure time. But you'll find you need a lot less leisure time when you are doing what you love. That is often a reaction to being in a place you don't like for 8+ hours a day. You need to release. You need to feel free so you often overcompensate with either more leisure time or more extreme leisure activities.

Question: Would you rather work 50+ hours a week on something you don't enjoy for $100k/yr or would you rather work on your own schedule, do something you are passionate about and make 65k/yr but be really happy on a daily basis with no one breathing down your neck?

I'm surprised more people haven't at least tried to taste this alternative lifestyle yet. No doubt, self-employment is on the rise, but it is still only for a very small portion of the population. I'm concerned that not enough people are questioning the “Stability” of their job. AI is real. Advanced robotics is child's play. Jobs will become worse as AI take over management and scrutinize time usage. It's time to get really self-aware.

But don't worry, if you are here on this page, there is a good chance you might be one of those people who is ready to take complete responsibility in your life and build an income stream on your own terms. I commend you for doing so and would love to hear from you at some point if you find my resources helpful.

Let's get started.

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