For Influencers

Q. How much will I get paid per post?

A. It depends on both your following size and engagement rates. You can get paid as low as $100 per post upwards of $10000+ for a 1MM sized following. The average Virtutis influencer makes $350 per post. We let you know your base rate when you application is approved.


Q. When and how do I get paid?

A. You get paid 48 hours after the post goes live. We need to receive impression data from you before we release payment. Payments are made via Paypal.


Q. How often will I get sponsored opportunities?

A. Each influencer is free to let us know how often they’d like to be posting sponsored content. There is no max or minimum. When we find work that we think you will be right for we notify you.


Q. Do I have to give up any rights or options by working with you?

A. Absolutely not. There is no downside. It’s non-exclusive and non-committal.

For Brands

Q. What exactly am I buying here for my brand?

A. You are deploying a portion of your marketing budget for social meida influencer campaigns. Your product or content will be uploaded to the account of a high-profile social influencer and you will receive immense benefits almost instantly. Search, traffic and sales will all be generated from such a campaign.


Q. How do you track results?

A. 48 hours after the campaign we collect data from the post/influencer and provide a report.


Q. What type of return can I expect?

A. It will greatly depend on how good your conversion rates are but the traffic is guaranteed.


Q. What are the costs?

A. Costs vary from as little as $100 per post to $10000+ for A+ influencers and/or bundle campaigns where we run your content across multiple influencers simultaneously to push virality.

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