The Gangster’s Guide for Soon-to-be Influencers

There are so many amazing content creators and networkers out there that are going to be amazing influencers.

People who will lead and bring value to communities.

In this post I just want to share what I think are the main things every person can do to build influence within their community and really gain a foothold as an authority in their space.

Especially soon-to-be influencers. 

And when I talk about influence and authority it comes from a completely value-based approach.

Nothing I advocate is intended to mislead or take advantage of an audience.

Why is this the gangster’s guide?

Because that was a cool angle and I think that gangster rapper’s are big influencers and for good reason – they know how to play the game.

Let’s go.

Focus on trust

First of all, awareness does not equal influence.

People can easily know about you but not care about what you say and are not affected by what you suggest.

I’ve heard your mixtape but you ain’t on my radar.

The real key to influence is trust.

When you trust someone you only know from the internet…that is a big deal.

It’s not easy to earn that trust. It takes consistency and quality. It’s a bond built over time.

Let’s take a closer look on how to build a bond with your audience.

Publish way more content

A lot of people think that the best rapper’s have huge hits one after another but it’s the furthest from the truth.

Lil Wayne pictured above has over 1000 singles produced and will hit 2000 before his career is done.

It’s because you only hear the hit singles on international scale. A lot of the other songs just never see the light of day.

But they are still produced and published.

Even though we can purchase music by the single now, it doesn’t mean that albums aren’t still being made. And most albums only have one or two good songs on it.

So you need to start publishing a lot because that’s what it takes to finally knock out that banger.

Study harder

People aren’t studying their craft enough. Too many people get complacent.

They think they know it all already. Big mistake.

The most influential people are highly active in their niches and answer the toughest questions that the mainstream has.

You become influential when you establish that you study harder than everyone. You know more because you put the time in.

You are saving them time by them just listening to you because you already went through the trial and error.

You are now in influencer territory. But you gotta keep your game up.

Collaborate with other influencers

Who you run with can be game changing. So many stars came up under the wing of someone else.

Eminem with Dre. Kanye with Jay-Z. You need to be exposed to other audiences to be a big player.

If you study hard and produce more content eventually you will get noticed and they big players will have to take you seriously.

The straight forward thing to do is to show a genuine interest in other content creators and networkers in a similar space and reach as you.

Bring them value first. Don’t ask up front.

Give for as long as possible

People love free content. They love to be able to watch their favorite creators for free. People love it when influencers go the extra mile, they become raving fans.

I know Beibs isn’t exactly gangster but he did come up on Youtube where he posted himself singing to build his early audience. That spawned into a mega career that no one could have predicted.

Always try to hold out before you start selling to your audience because they will be with you longer.

They will know you have their best interests in mind and don’t intend to bombard them with sales.

The strategy is basic but it works

There are a lot of artists who have used this basic model and not given up until they made it.

Study the craft and document your progress. Give.

Publish more. Give.

Collaborate with others. Give.

What do you think? Do rapper’s know how to win fans and gain influence?

Where are you right now on your path to influence? Will you give this strategy a shot?

Leave a comment and you will get a response! Ask questions!

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