The Age of the Influencer

What a f*cking time to be alive!!!

We have become infinitely more connected to what we love through the power of smartphones and online social networks.

You really have to step back and make sure you observe the actual process of an app, that’s all they are to start, transform into a cultural phenomenon.

One day it’s Twitter and people talking about irrelevant bull shit and the next day its the full blown news.

One day it’s Uber ride sharing and the next day its a global transportation network.

One day it’s Instagram and photos of your burrito and the next day it’s the world most popular communications platform.

We’re all getting a little bit lost in the micro and need to step out to the macro. It’s insane what is happening in the world and people aren’t budging. We’ll some of them aren’t…


The era of digital influencers has arrived

We’re moving. We’re shaking. And most importantly we get that it’s not social media, it’s social networking.

We’re all in one big room – and take this moment to really get a sense of that room.

It’s still massive, it contains billions of people…but it’s now held completely in the palm of your hand. The global digital conference room if you will. It’s a new reality.

You can reach anyone in the room in an instant. You now have insane reach like never before.

And your reach is because of the tool. It’s not really you who changed, its the tools you now have.

But, now that we are all on a level playing field and we all have access to the same tools, it’s who will use it the best.

Once we establish reach, audience, network, whatever you want to call it, you need to constantly be stimulating it to keep it thriving. People don’t want to be a part of empty networks. A network is a tool so it needs to be useful.

That’s the amazing thing about online social networking is that it has stimulation built right it. A photo goes up. A snap goes up. A video goes up. Boom. Stimulation. Network thriving.

So now because humans are natural story tellers, because we’ve all been living in the real dark ages as of the 90’s, we are so fascinated by the ability to tap into each other’s lives.

At first it was just awkward and you thought a lot about what to share. But now a strong influencer is just documenting their lives.

Granted, some lives are a lot more interesting than others (subjectively speaking) but documentation of a real life is all that is often necessary.

It’s not the content so much as it is to be able to be a long-term observer of the content. The longer a show goes the more we like it. Think Friends, Cheers, Seinfeld.

So being able to turn that page day after day is what makes social influencers very interesting to people – because they put themselves out there.

The power of digital influence going forward

A lot people scoff at social media but they will be really sorry they didn’t get on the bus.

Let’s be clear digital influence isn’t just about followers. That’s a single metric. There are numerous ways to gain influence by creating incredible niche content. Of course volume is a good thing but conversion matters too.

Someone can easily have 25k followers on IG and only gets about 150 likes per post and has no real engagement. The followers don’t act based on what the poster says or the community aspect isn’t there.

Some people can have 12k followers and get 1000 likes with 50 comments and lots of buzz. This person is much more likely to be able to influence.

So at Virtutis we take all of those things into consideration when partnering with influencers. We love our smaller influencers who are committed to the long game and have hyper-engaged users. We know its just a matter of time until they explode into their full potential.

Social media networking is the golden key to the locked doors of your future.

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So what do these influencers have to look forward to?

Pay-per-click banner ads are dead. A lot of ads are dead. Brands need to start building their products into native content – the modern advertorial.

They need influencers to do “box-openings” of their products. They need reviews, demos, shoutouts.

If Instagram is the new NBC and Twitter is the new CNN and Snapchat is the new MTV, then these influencers have their own shows and brands either need to buy straight promotion from them (commercial) or a more subtle approach where the product is not featured but shown (product placement in movies).

The great thing is there is no limit to the amount of influencers there can be. Even if every single person is an influencer it will be okay. Why? Because you don’t necessarily influence on a complete life design.

One influencer may talk all day about makeup and style but has no idea on cooking so she needs some influencer of her own. Or maybe a guy has a marketing blog but he wants to know the latest video games. We all need influencers to help us make decisions.

Ultimately influence is about value and it’s perfectly fine to have everyone focused on providing everyone else value. Trust me it will be amazing.

There are so many product choices now that we need help weeding out the crap. The brands don’t have the power, the consumer does. All because of social media and the ability to inform and educate about products and services.

So the influencer has a lot to look forward to because Brands will have no choice but to go through influencers to push their marketing agendas. For us keeping the control in the influencers hands is a good thing – we let them control their story and how they want to market.

We keep brand objectives top of mind but we prevent brands from ruining the platform by maintaining story balance with marketing.

Soon marketing on TV won’t be profitable. Radio won’t be profitable. Billboards won’t be profitable. Why because their won’t be any more impressions. You’ll be in virtual or social, nothing else.

The reason to join our network

Influencer marketing has some of the highest ROI of any marketing tactics right now. It’s really amazing. Influence (light guidance) has so much more power than push (in your face).

But what makes it all even better is that at Virtutis we are forging the path of influencer marketing by not only working hard to play matchmaker with influencers and brands but we’re also educating both on how to make campaigns even more successful.

We love what we do here and we want you to join us in the growing success of influencer marketing.

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